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Solvent traps are 100% legal to own!

Did you know? solvent traps are 100% legal to own!

As an established store, we sell thousands of orders for solvent traps every day. When it comes to violations of national regulations, only a few people worry, but even within three months, most buyers are not worried about this issue. Buy the filter again, which is enough to prove that you can use your own modified solvent trap through regular channels.

There are concerns that it is illegal to use or purchase solvent collectors to clean equipment. It's okay to be nervous, you are a law-abiding citizen and a responsible gun owner. With a little effort, you will understand that it is 100% legal to use or own a solvent trap AKA solvent trap to clean firearms. The appearance of the solvent trap may resemble an item controlled by the NFA, but so is the Mag Lite or any other flashlight. What determines the legality is your handling of the item. It is 100% legal to use a solvent collector to achieve the desired purpose of safely cleaning and storing spray guns, while protecting the environment and protecting yourself from harmful cleaning agents.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms considers the solvent trap to be a "firearm accessory." BATFE recognizes that an adapter can be used to connect the solvent trap as an adapter to the end of the filter element. As a cleaning accessory, it cannot be regarded as an accessory because projectiles or bullets cannot pass through the tube without modification. This means that solvent traps can be purchased and sold without any paperwork or NFA tax stamps. You do not need Form 1 to purchase a solvent collector. You only need to obtain all BATFE approvals before making any changes. Otherwise, federal law will be violated.

Your actions are at your own risk and have nothing to do with us. As the owner of the solvent trap, you can take full responsibility for everything you do with the solvent trap. If you decide to modify the trap for purposes other than hydrophobic cleaners, it is recommended that you read and follow the BATF regulations for NFA items. Please contact your local government agency to ensure that the solvent trap is legal in your jurisdiction.